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The jump-diffusion stochastic process is one of the most common forms in reality (such as wave propagation, noise propagation, turbulent flow, etc.), and researchers often refer to them in models of random processes such as Wiener process, Levy process, Ito-Hermite process, in research of G. D. Nunno, B. Oksendal, F. B. Hanson, etc. In our research, we have reviewed and solved three problems: (1) Jump-diffusion process (also known as the Ito-Levy process); (2) Solve the differential equation jump-diffusion random linear, in the case of one-dimensional; (3) Calculate the Wiener-Ito integral to the random Ito-Hermite process. The main method for dealing with the problems in our presentation is the Ito random-integrable mathematical operations for the continuous random process associated with the arbitrary differential jump by the Poisson random measure. This study aims to analyse the basic properties of jump-diffusion process that are solutions to the jump-diffusion linear stochastic differential equations: dX(t) = [a (t)X (t􀀀)+A(t)]dt + [b (t)X (t􀀀 ∫ )+B(t)]dW (t) + R0 [g (t; z)X (t􀀀)+G(t; z)] ¯N (dt;dz) with a set of stochastic continuous functions fa;b ;g ;A;B;Gg and assuming that the compensated Poisson process ¯N (t; z) is independent of the Wiener process W(t). Derived from the Ito-Hermite formulas for the Ito-Hermite process and for the Ito-Levy process class we presented the results for the differential and multiple stochastic integration for the Ito- Hermite process. We also provided a separation method to solve jump-diffusion linear differential equations.


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Issue: Vol 3 No 2 (2019)
Page No.: 115-119
Published: Sep 6, 2019
Section: Original Research

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Cuong, D., Dam, D., Duong, D., & Ngo, D. (2019). Solutions to the jump-diffusion linear stochastic differential equations. Science and Technology Development Journal - Natural Sciences, 3(2), 115-119.

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