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According to petrophysical and geophysical data, the depositional facies of E Oligocene are determined. Furthermore, the correlation lines between wells and the seismic line also created for confirming Oligocene E distribution in Cuu Long basin. Using appropriate methods such as petrophysical curves, geophysical characteristics, interpretation of gross depositional environment as well as mapping of seismic attributes for sub-sequence Oligocene E upper and E lower in Southeast area, results of prediction the sand distribution in Oligocene E upper and E lower sub-sequence, factors effect to porosity-permeability preservation of E sand reservoirs in Southeast area, Cuu Long basin and oil-gas industry flow-producing possibility in varied sedimentary facies were reported in this paper. The E Oligocene sedimentary distributes in a large area with hydrocarbon accumulations along the Southeast margin Cuu Long basin in relation with the existence of half-grabens along Con Son swell, in which formation rocks consist of varying grain size, mainly sandstone interbeds by siltstone and shale stone. A bitum shale layer of 20÷70 m thickness exits to play the role of a shield to maintain a much higher effective porosity of the reservoir section than usual (up to 18%). In the area, there are two sandstone reservoirs of excellent quality at 2,600÷2,700 mMD and 3,000÷3,400 mMD depths. In order to determine the oil and gas potential of the target, petroleum systems in exploration activities must carefully be evaluated, especially looking for stratigraphic traps, and the reservoir modeling should be modified accurately.

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Issue: Vol 4 No 2 (2020)
Page No.: 530-546
Published: Jun 15, 2020
Section: Original Research

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Xuan, T., Chuc, N., Tuan, N., Thanh, T., & Au, P. (2020). Depositional environment of E Oligocene sedimentary and prediction of sand distribution in Southeast area, Cuu Long basin. Science and Technology Development Journal - Natural Sciences, 4(2), 530-546.

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