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Yellow nut-sedge (Cyperus esculentus var esculentus) posseses tubers with upto 20 – 36 % of oil and fast growth cycle. New approaches for increasing of growth and oil accumulation in the tubers based on physiological characteristics of the plants are very indispensable. In this study, removing flower, water stress induction, gibberellin application and other ways during wet and dry season were used in order to increase biomass and lipid accumulation in Cyperus esculentus var esculentus tubers. The results indicated that water stress during wet season increased lipid accumulation. The best biomass and lipid accumulation obtained when removing the flowers combining with tilling the soil at 10th week after planting (increased 58 % compare with removing the flowers, 4.32 g/ tuber compare with 1.77 g/ tuber).

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Issue: Vol 2 No 6 (2018)
Page No.: 41-47
Published: Sep 13, 2019
Section: Original Research

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Hien, T. T. T., Tri, B. M., & Viet, B. T. (2019). Evaluation of some approaches for increasing of biomass and lipid accumulation in tubers of Cyperus esculentus var esculentus. VNUHCM Journal of Natural Sciences, 2(6), 41-47.

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