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Results of the first investigation of the activity concentration of the surface soil samples collected at various locations of Thoulakhom district of Vientiane province of Laos People's Democratic Republic (PDR) are presented in this work. The activity concentration of the natural radionuclides 226Ra, 232Th and 40K in the soil samples were determined by gamma spectrometer using a highenergy resolution semiconductor detector HPGe. The activity concentrations of the natural radionuclides were in the range from 11.28 to 31.46 with the mean of 21.76 for 226Ra, from 7.13 to 44.47 with the mean of 21.85 for 232Th and from 8.96 to 581.52 with the mean of 112.89 for 40K. These mean values of the activity concentration were lower than the average worldwide ones, which were 33, 45 and 420 for 226Ra, 232Th, and 40K, respectively. The results indicate dthat the radiation hazard from natural 226Ra, 232Th, and 40K radionuclides in all investigated soil samples taken from area under investigation in this work was not significant.

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  • Sonexay Xayheungsy

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  • Khiem Hong Le

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Issue: Vol 2 No 4 (2018)
Page No.: 119-125
Published: Aug 13, 2019
Section: Original Research

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Xayheungsy, S., & Le, K. (2019). Natural radioactivity in the soil of Thoulakhom district in Vientiane province, Laos. Science and Technology Development Journal - Natural Sciences, 2(4), 119-125.

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