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Abelmoschus sagittifolius Kurz is a medicinal plant with typical pharmacological of ginseng. However, the number of trees in the nature wild is declining rapidly due to the increasing demand for logging along with the narrowing of the distribution area and the low incidence of seed germination, affecting the use for researching and developing gene sources for drug production in many areas. In this plant, root is the most important organ of the plant, so the study of root formation in in vitro has been of great significance in assessing the effect of plant growth regulators on induction roots, as well as creating a source of starting material for studies on the biosynthesis of saponin in in vitro compounds as an alternative to outside planting. The results showed that after 2 weeks of culture, the germination rate was highest (88%) when the seeds were disinfected with HgCl2 0.1%, 3 minutes and then soaked in GA3 20,0 mg/L, 120 minutes, finally seed culture on MS + 20 g/L saccharose + GA3 5.0 mg/L + 7 g/L agar. The callus formation from hypocotyl in the environment on MS medium + 20 g/L sucrose + NAA 0.5 mg/L + BA 1.5 mg/L + 7 g/L agar was appropriate for root reduction and the best root formation was applied in the medium of MS + 20 g/L sucrose + IAA 0.3 mg/L + 7 g/L agar. In conclusion, the method of tissue culture is suitable for the formation of adventitious roots from callus formation from hypocotyl of Abelmoschus sagittifolius Kurz.

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Issue: Vol 4 No 2 (2020)
Page No.: 556-566
Published: Jun 25, 2020
Section: Original Research

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Dương, T., Lê, D., & Võ, M. (2020). Effect of plant growth regulators on the root formation in in vitro culture of Abelmoschus Sagittifolius Kurz. Science and Technology Development Journal - Natural Sciences, 4(2), 556-566.

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