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238U material is component in fuels of nuclear reactor core. Understanding properties and structure of 238U nucleus is necessary before simulating and designing nuclear reactor. Besides that, the study of nuclear reaction is necessary to identify the specific characteristics of nucleus, it is the most effective experimental method up to now. However, in order to explain the properties of nuclear structure, in addition to study of the nuclear reaction, nuclear structure models and its theory must be used. There are many nuclear structure models to solve those properties of nucleus. This paper presents application of the Collective Model to determine some rotational bands of 239U nucleus, using Prompt gamma neutron activation analysis method (PGNAA). Experiment is performed at channel No.2 of Dalat Research Reactor (DRR), using Filtered Thermal Neutron Beam and Compton Suppression Spectroscopy with High – Purity Germanium detector (HPGe). The results have found 11 rotational bands of 239U nucleus. This work is very necessary for the research of nuclear structure which controls material technology by itself.

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Issue: Vol 2 No 1 (2018)
Page No.: 65-70
Published: Jan 6, 2019
Section: Original Research

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Son, N. A., Huy, L. V., & Son, P. N. (2019). Application of the collective model to determine some rotational bands of 239U nucleus. Science and Technology Development Journal - Natural Sciences, 2(1), 65-70.

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