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The article presents a summary of the geological characteristics of the feldspar mines in Tay Nguyen area. The collecting data from the reseached area showed that most feldspar mines in Tay Nguyen area had source of pegmatite. They were established with a high to average temperature and associated by metamorphic process and granitoid of area. The feldspar mines were mineral vein and penetrate to grantioid with a length of hundred meter and a with of 2-20 meters. This feldspar had a white to yellow color and very high alkalinity (14–16 %), silice oxide (61–64 %). Its is suitable for VN 6598:2000 standard applied for ceramic. It’s necessary to have further research on technological characteristics in order to orient to the exploitation and the efficient use in future of feldspar mones in Tay Nguyen area.

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Issue: Vol 1 No T5 (2017)
Page No.: 222-233
Published: Nov 29, 2018
Section: Original Research

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Truong, C., Nguyen, H., & Nguyen, L. (2018). The geological characteristics and quality of feldspar mines in Tay Nguyen area and its applications of the ceramic production. Science and Technology Development Journal - Natural Sciences, 1(T5), 222-233.

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