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Friedel-Crafts sulfonylation is one of the most common methods to prepare sulfone. With the development of Green Chemistry, chemical processes have been improved towards being environmentally friendly by using of organic solvents in the limit, using recoverable catalysts, reducing energy ... are getting more attention. Therefore, in this study, several types of ionic liquids such as [Bmim]BF4, [Bmim]PF6, [Bpy]Cl2AlCl3, [Pyrro]I2AlCl3, [Mth]I2AlCl3, [Bmim]Cl2AlCl3 which catalysed for the Friedel-Crafts sulfonylation of toluene and benzenesulfonyl chloride have been investigated. Besides, most factors which have influenced on the reaction yield such as the temperature, the reaction time, the amount of catalyst have been studied. The reaction was carried out under solvent-free and mild conditions; moreover, the catalyst was able to be recovered and reused without significant loss of its activity. The main product phenyl p-tolyl sulfone was easily isolated after the reaction and obtained in high yield 97% after four-hour heating at 100 oC by using Nbutylpyridinium chloroaluminate, [Bpy]Cl2AlCl3, as catalyst. Microwave irradiation has been used to improve many organic syntheses as a green and efficient activation method in order to reduce reaction times and save energy. Compared to the conventional heating, phenyl p-tolyl sulfone was synthesized with the excellent yield in the short reaction time under the microwave assistance.

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Issue: Vol 5 No 4 (2021): Vol 5, Issue 4: Under publishing
Page No.: Online first
Published: Sep 18, 2021
Section: Original Research

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Luu, X. T., Ngo, H. N., & Nguyen, N. L. (2021). The Friedel-Crafts sulfonylation catalyzed by chloroaluminate ionic liquids. Science and Technology Development Journal - Natural Sciences, 5(4), Online first.

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